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Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist


"...professional but also relaxed and approachable.”
“Heather is a warm and caring person.  She is strong as well as empathetic… she gives guidance without judgment and she keeps a clear head when faced with difficult situations. Her ability to assess an individual’s needs is uncanny! She is professional but also relaxed and approachable.”

"Thank You for being the first genuine therapist I have been able to connect to."
“Heather, I would just like to say Thank You for being the first genuine therapist I have been able to connect to. I know I still have a long ways to go…but for once I feel okay with where I am.  Can’t wait for our next session!” 

“Heather went above and beyond what we had seen with any other practitioner."
I am a mother of two teenage children, both of whom have suffered with Generalized Anxiety Disorder symptoms, which between them, included panic attacks, extreme clothing sensitivities, lack of motivation and abnormal fears, among other things.  Recently, our daughter was in a serious car accident, which also gave her post-traumatic depression as a result. 
After many years of various treatments for both children which included: child psychiatrists, psychologists, and mild medical intervention, we decided to try Hypnotherapy as a last resort.
When we met with Heather at Seeds of Change Hypnotherapy, I wasn’t too hopeful that we would be able to find “a cure”, but it was worth the try.  However at our first visit, I was impressed with her immediate assessment of the situation. She hit the nail on the head with her assessment and causes of the anxiety symptoms. She treated our daughter first and we began to see improvements gradually.  Heather went above and beyond what we had seen with any other practitioner.  She gave us the impression that she really cared about our daughter and how she was doing.   So when it became evident that our son was experiencing the same GAD, but with different symptoms, we took him to her as well.  His improvements started immediately after the first session and are continuing still.
As a parent, you constantly look for safe, non-medical ways to help your children.  Both our children have benefited from hypnotherapy.  Heather has helped them both so much.  I have recommended her services to many, many friends who have children in similar situations.  She is excellent in what she does and we are very grateful.” 
D.J. · Vancouver, B.C.

“When I was pregnant with my third child I went to see Heather in preparation for the delivery. My hope was to have a drug free birth and to get help with the pain management during my labour.  Heather taught me all the skills I needed to achieve my goal. Throughout the entire labour, I could hear Heather’s calm, soothing voice guiding me through each contraction using amazing visualization techniques that we worked on together during our sessions together. Not only did Heather help me with the pain management during my daughter’s delivery but the anxiety I felt prior to the birth was greatly eased knowing I had the skill set to get me through the whole process. I would highly recommend Heather for any challenges or fears you may be facing in your own life.” 
J.R. · Vancouver, B.C.

“I was introduced to Heather and the world of Hypnotherapy when my father was dying. I was looking for relaxation and a bit of an escape to be honest. What I got was a whole lot more! Heather guides me on many fascinating journeys that help to unravel reasons for my anxiety and behaviour. She creates a warm, safe environment during the sessions and provides me with tools and techniques to use after. I’m happy to say that I feel much more relaxed and even my family has noticed the change and they appreciate the happier, less stressed-out me.” 
J.A. · Vancouver, B.C.

“Heather has the ability to create a very comfortable, warm, therapeutic, and safe environment.  She dealt with my issues in a very comforting, discreet manner. Heather is a very attentive, caring and supportive listener with a wonderfully gentle, clear voice.”
I.J. · Vancouver, B.C.

“I had been grinding/clenching my teeth for years.  Besides the jaw and head pain, I was causing harm to my teeth.  Some were cracked and they were wearing prematurely. I was warned by my dentist that I was also going to permanently damage my TMJ.  I invested $300 in a mouth guard but it felt strange.  I also couldn’t wear it during the day when I also clenched my teeth.  I had run out of ideas until I discovered Heather and she suggested hypnotherapy.  I was very skeptical but I tried it anyway.  I was amazed that after just a few sessions I was gradually able to stop.  Unbelievable!” 
M.C. · Vancouver, B.C.

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